Xperia Z3

Sony’s headquarter is situated at Tokyo in Japan. It is a Japanese company that makes consumer electronics and various other things like Video Game, computer hardware, and telecom equipments. It was founded in May 7, 1946. It’s some of the major sectors of production are of video games, electronic devices and entertainment. It is the fourth highest smart phone selling company. Its famous smart phone flagship series is the Xperia. They have made many smart phones that have gained popularity in the last few years. One such series of smart phone is the Xperia Z. There are almost three smart phones launched in this series.
1) Sony Xperia Z
2) Sony Xperia
3) Sony Xperia Z2.

Xperia Z3

These are great phones in terms of quality, design and specifications.

The Next Flagship Of Sony

The next flagship of Sony will be the Xperia Z3 which is yet not realesed. The Sony Xperia Z3 is expected to be a great high end smart phone like its previous generation smart phones of Xperia line up. This device will have an excellent combination of specifications, design, and built quality.

Some of its specifications, information and key features are:-
1) About the device
It will have D6653 at its model number. It will come in two variants one is dual sim and the other is single sim.
2) Processor
It will work at the speed of 2.5 GHz running with quad core CPU (Central Processing Unit) or processor. This processor will unlock great capabilities for the phone and make it run ultra fast without any lag or issue.
3) Chipset
A Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset shall be provided for better multitasking and processing speed.
4) GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)
Adreno 440 GPU will make it render graphics at full speed without any issue in pixel formation or gaming experience.
5) Design
It might have a metal frame, so as to make it strong and thinner. It will be in the square shape like previous Z series.
6) Screen size
It shall have a 5.5 inch 2K resolution display. This display will make the feel of the phone better and enhanced.
7) RAM
A 4GB of RAM will be provided in it so as to cope up with the various tasks performed by it.
8) Camera
There are no leaks about the front camera of the Xperia Z3. But its rear camera will have a 23.7 mega pixel camera sensor for sharp and god quality images.
9) Android Version
It shall be running the next version android i.e. the Android L. It will have the same skinned version of android. The Xperia skin is quite impressive. The new skin of Xperia and the Android L will together bring out a whole new UI (User interface) with great features.

Xperia Z3 Price

The earlier Xperia Z was priced at a price of 549$. After that because of the popularity of Xperia Z the Xperia Z1 was priced at very high rate of 599$. The recent Xperia Z2 is priced at 559$.Thus, according to the price of previous Xperia devices and the amount of specifications provided by Sony, the Xperia Z3 might be priced at a price bracket of 560$ to 600$.

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